Performing Artists’ guidelines

Artists performing at the Guildford Beer Festival 2020

  1. Please ensure you arrive at least 30 minutes before your allocated timeslot to ensure you have time to set up and do a sound check if necessary.
  2. The band who performs should be the same line up as those who auditioned.
  3. All artists must be 18 or over at the time that they perform at GBF.
  4. You will have a 70-minute set with a break so please ensure you have sufficient material to fill that time.
  5. You will receive written confirmation by post, so please provide a suitable address.
  6. Comps as agreed for the session you perform will be posted out with letter.
  7. Please acknowledge receipt of letter.
  8. Expenses, beer tokens and food vouchers as agreed beforehand will be handed out upon arrival for your set.
  9. You can advertise and sell merchandise during your session.
  10. Any questions we have not covered, please contact me or Tom.


Kathy Wilkinson
GBF Music Director and Artist Liaison Officer

Tom Worrall
Sound Technician

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