Beer List

Every year, the Guildford Beer Festival sources from small breweries & cider makers in the Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, London and Sussex areas. All our beers and cider come from within 30 miles of Guidlford.

In addition to over 130 beers & ciders, we also have English wines and a dedicated Gin Tent! This year the Gin Tent features four local distillers – The Surrey Copper Distillery, Distillers of Surrey, Nibbs Spirits and Blue Thorn Gin.

Full details of 2019 beer list will be available nearer the festival. In the meantime please see below the beer and cider list from 2018.

Guildford Beer Festival 2018 – Tasting Notes

anwells_150Andwell Brewing Company
Hook Hampshire | | est. 2008
Gold Muddler 3.9% abv PALE ALE
Initially a sweet, fruity impression; soft and moreish with the quirky Hersbrucker late hop giving a hint of a floral, herby mid palate with a dry finish.
King John 4.2% abv COOPER ALE
Initially malty with a developing crisp bitterness. Finish is bittersweet with the three aroma hops bringing a fruity flavour. A well centred beer with an understated character with satisfying depth.
Ruddy Darter 4.6% abv RUBY ALE
Rich ruby ale with a fruity aroma.
Resolute3.8% abvBEST BITTER
Light amber best bitter with balanced aromas and bitterness.
Available from the Craft Ale Bar
Pilsner4.8% abv PILSNER CRAFT ALE
Classic pilsner style larger.

AscotLogo_150Ascot Ales
Camberely, Surrey | | est 2007.
Starting Gate3.8% abvSESSION
A terrific copper-coloured Session Bitter packed with refreshing tropical fruit + lemon aromas. A highly drinkable and well balanced beer.
Gold Cup 4.0% abv GOLDEN ALE
Light golden ale with intense citrus grapefruit aromas from Cascade and Chinook hops. Very refreshing Golden Ale with a strong hop character.
Bronco Buster 4.8% abv IPA
Highly hopped IPA brimming with the new world hops, further dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Citra.
Final Furlong 4.2% abv BEST
Our flagship Bitter pours a rich copper colour with a sweet malt taste and toffee notes. This is perfectly balanced with the hops providing a sharp bitterness, with a strong citrus and tropical fruit aromas.
Dark Horse 4.5% abv PORTER
Smooth porter with deep chestnut colour delivering subtle hop notes followed by coffee malt flavour then rich chocolate at the finish.
5/4 Favourite 4.6% abv GOLDEN ALE
Refreshing Golden Ale with a wonderful hoppy nose from Cascade hops. Light, fresh and crisp with floral hop notes. A real thirst quencher that’s popular with both lager & ale drinkers.

Crafty Brewing Company
Loxhill, Godalming | | est. 2014
Loxhill Biscuit 3.8% abvGOLDEN ALE
AWARD WINNING. A graceful golden beer brewed with Amarillo, First Gold and Challenger hops from the UK and USA. We use three malts; English Maris Otter, German Munich and the favourite, Belgian Biscuit which gives this beer it’s wonderful toasty finish and beautiful golden hue. This beer brings a wonderful balance of sweet floral notes and a subtle orange finish making it our favourite session beer
Crafty One 4.2% abvPALE ALE
This pale-straw coloured beer offers satisfaction in every respect. The robust, international flavours of Chinook and Sorachi Ace hops combine with Maris Otter and the body-builder Cara-Pils malts to form a smooth and complex drinking experience. With refreshment levels going through the roof, this beer can be enjoyed at all times of the day (although before breakfast may be pushing it a little).
Hop Tipple 4.2% abvIPA
Maris Otter and Munich malts from Britain and Germany provide a platform from which the Cascade and Chinook hops shine out. Dry hopping adds a bold finish to this thoroughly thirst-quenching golden coloured beer. Hop Tipple won a Gold Medal at the Society of Independent Brewers(SIBA) 2017 South East Awards.
5 Hop 4.0% abv AMBER ALE
Bursting with vibrant succulent fresh hops.

dorkinglogo Dorking Brewery
Dorking, Surrey | | est. in 2009
DB Number One4.2% abvPALE ALE
A refreshing light amber ale with a full fruity, hoppy flavour and a long satisfying medium bitter finish.
Washington Gold 3.8% abvGOLDEN ALE
A light golden bitter full of hoppy flavour and aroma. Generously hopped for extra bouquet.
Lunar White Wheat Ale4.5% abv WHEAT BEER ALE
A modern and refreshing white wheat beer.
Pilcrow Pale Hoppy Ale4.0% abv PALE ALE
Citrus hopped pale ale.
Available from the Craft Ale Bar
Red india Ale5.0% abvRED ALE
Former winner of best ale at our festival! Similar to an IPA, strong, hoppy beer, red in colour.

Elusive Brewing logo Elusive Brewing
Finchhampstead, Berks | | est. 2016
Sunset Rider3.8% abvSESSION PALE ALE
Third in a series of lower ABV pale ales, showcasing one British and one American hop. The third iteration sees grapefruity new English hop Minstrel paired with Mosaic.
Sphere of Destiny4.4% abv IPA
Intensely hopped pale ale. Bitter, bold with tropical fruits and aromas.
Cherrywood Mild3.8% abv MILD ALE
Ruby mild names after the world-famous Farnborough Football club ground. Deep red in colour with a multi sweetness laid across Bramling Cross hops for a delicious blackcurrant lick to finish.

firebirdlogo_150 Firebird Brewing Co
Rudgwick, Horsham | | est. 2013
Parody 4.5% abvSESSION IPA
The big malt base of this amber ale acts as a great foundation to a storm of modern and traditional hops yielding powerful bitterness, huge aroma and long satisfying finish. GLUTEN FREE.
Heritage 4.0% abvBEST
A Sussex Classic, developed from and old recipe of Bill's Great, Great grandad. Full malt flavour, robust bitterness, and a subtle dried fruits aftertaste. GLUTEN FREE.
Pale Face APA 5.2% abv APA
A wide range of malts and Pacific North West hops create a strong, zesty and aromatic beer with a biscuity character and a slightly sweet finish. GLUTEN FREE.
Two Horses 3.8% abv PALE ALE
Intensely hopped with modern bold varieties to give a big aroma with balancing bitterness. A full flavoured blend of Crystal, Cara and Munich malts ensures Two Horses punches well above its ABV. GLUTEN FREE.
Available from the Craft Ale Bar
Bohemia 4.8% abv CZECH PILSNER
Brewed cool with Czech Saaz hops and matured sub zero for weeks to create a crisp, floral, spicy lager with a lingering finish. GLUTEN FREE.
Coffee Porter 5.5% abv PORTER
A double addition of Brazilian Peaberry and Columbian Suarez Arabica beans to a rich blend of dark malts creates a smooth wonder with a banging kick! GLUTEN FREE.

godstone The Godstone Brewers
Godstone, Surrey | | est. 2015
Junction 6 4.2% abv PALE ALE
Refreshing sweet mandarin character made to help you unwind after driving around the M25. Stop off at Fresh Beer Friday or the shop at Flower farm to enjoy a lovely smooth new world pale ale that doesn't overwhelm you with bitter hops. Made with Maris Otter Pale Malt, Crystal Malt and Munich Malt.
Rusty Ale 4.4% abv BEST
Sometimes, the simple things are the best ones. That’s why we’ve developed this distinctly malty Best Bitter, exclusively with English hops for strength and bitterness. It’s got predatory instinct and attitude - just like Rusty, a juvenile Harris Hawk owned and trained by Graham at Osney Lodge Farm in Godstone.
Oishi 4.3% abv JAPANESE PALE ALE
The citrus additions are at the end of the hop boil and in the fermenter to get that clean cut through that comes with Mexican lagers with a twist.
The lemongrass is added with the final aroma hops and imparts a lovely smoothness and complexity. Then....the Japanese green tea added with the aroma hops brings a range of subtle additions that is simply not achievable with hops alone.
Buzz 4.7% abv DRY HONEY HOP
Honey from Coulsdon is used to impart a truly amazing delicate taste of lime blossom to this dry strong honey ale. Made with Maris Otter pale malt and crystal malt. Hops are East Kent Goldings, Simcoe and Sorachi Ace but... the star of the show is the honey, no heat treatment ensures the subtle flavours are not lost.
Red Gate 4.0% abvSESSION RED ALE
Biscuity and smooth with fruity hops.

hammerpotHammerpot Brewery
Poling, West Sussex || est. 2005
Australian Pale 4.1% abvGOLDEN ALE
A light, crisp, golden pale ale. Delicate floral and spice notes over a wealth of beautiful fresh tropical fruit flavours including grapefruit and lychee.
Seaspray 3.7% abvIPA
A light, refreshing session IPA combining the simple sweet malt flavours with crisp citrus and airy floral notes.
Hammerpot Pale Ale4.1% abv PALE ALE
A light, golden, tangy pale ale with a full, fresh English hop flavour.
Bottle Wreck Porter4.7% abv PORTER
A traditional pitch black porter with coffee, chocolate and rich roast malt flavours. Champion Beer of Britain, Porters category, at the 2012 CAMRA National Winter Ales Festival, plus many other awards.
Summer3.7% abv GOLDEN ALE
A clean fresh golden ale, Australian Summer hops.
Red Hunter4.3% abv RUBY ALE
A dark ruby beer with a full bodied, rich and slightly vinous malt character.

Pulborough, West Sussex | | est. 2001
Sussex 3.5% abvBEST
Flavoursome light brew using Goldings hops. This gives a full flavour with a traditional Sussex hoppy nose to the beer.
Pullman 4.2% abvBITTER
A first class bitter with a crisp fresh bite balanced with a long silky finish. Long on flavour with a good hop nose. Brewed using Admiral & Golding Hops.
Prospect4.5% abv GOLDEN ALE
Traditionally brewed using organically grown malt and Admiral & Golding organic hops. This gives a good bitter character balanced by a small amount of crystal malt.

HBB_150px Hogsback Brewery
Tongham, Surrey | | est. 1992
T.E.A. (Traditional English Ale) 4.2% abv BEST
Hogback’s top selling, award winning, best bitter. A deep golden colour, TEA is refreshing, hoppy and well balanced.
H.B.B. 3.7% abv SESSION
A light amber session bitter, biscuity flavour with fragrant hops leading to subtle malty citrus fruits with a long aromatic, hoppy finish with a light malty after-taste along with a citrus/grapefruit edge.
Surrey Nirvana4.0% abv PALE ALE
A Strong peach and pineapple aroma coupled with a slightly sweet finish and a long smooth taste of light malt on the tongue.
3 Hogs 4.5% abv IPA
We think of this creation as a well-balanced and fulfilling IPA quite hoppy.
Hogs Back Hazy Hog 5.0% abv CIDER (on the Cider Bar)
Cloudy, gently sparkling and wonderfully appley, this is a cider that combines all that is good in English cider making
Available from the Craft Ale Bar
Hogs Back Hogstar4.5% abv LAGER
Our new English craft lager. Old style lager but with greater depth of flavour and aroma. Matured for over a month for a deeper flavour
Outback4.5% abv CRAFT PALE ALE
Light and Hoppy with a blend of floral and fresh citrus notes upfront. Well-balanced with a long, dry finish.

Itchen Valley Brewery, commercial partner with the GBF Itchen Valley Brewery
Alresford, Hampshire | | est. 1997
Hampshire Rose 4.2% abv AMBER ALE
Golden hoppy ale, brewed with Hercules, Nugget, Galena. Sweet tangy finish.
Pure Gold 4.8% abvBLONDE ALE
Clean, strong bitter - liquid gold in a glass.
New Hampshire 4.3% abv APA
East coast American pale ale Bursting with flavours of blueberry muffin, grapefruit and citrus, with a biscuit finish.
Pride of the Valley3.8% abv SESSION ALE
Sweet and malty traditional bitter.
World Cup Smash 4.0% abv PALE ALE
Larger like pale ale. Crisp and fairly bitter, toasty, nutty complexity.

Kew Brewery logo Kew Brewery
Kew, London | | est. 2015
Botanic3.8% abvAMBER ALE
Our sessionable, balanced amber ale is infused with a little juniper and dry hopped with plenty of UK cascade hops.
Pagoda Pale No.6 4.4% abvPALE ALE
The sixth in our numbered series of pale ales celebrating and showcasing different English hops is brewed with the lemony combination of Pilot and Pioneer hops.
Richmond Rye Rye Beer4.3% abvPALE ALE
Our hoppy rye pale ale, gently bittered to let the subtle spice of the rye come through before a big fruity/ floral hit from Admiral, Archer and Boadicea hops.

Langham Brewery logo Langham’s Brewery
Lodsworth, West Sussex | | est. 2005
Halfway to Heaven3.5% abv GOLDEN SESSION ALE
Full flavoured chestnut coloured with biscuit maltiness. Citrus and fruit hop character with a hint of spice. Great session bitter! SIBA SE Silver medal.
Triple XXX4.4% abv DARK ALE
Deep dark beer. Complex smooth and malty, silver award winner SIBA nationals.
Hip Hop 4.0% abvPALE ALE
Exactly what it says on the clip. Following in the modern tradition of blonde strongly hopped beers. A classic blonde beer — clean and crisp. The nose is loaded with floral hop aroma while the pale malt flavour is overtaken by a pleasing dry and bitter finish.
South Downs4.5% abvBEST
Made in partnership with south downs national park. Our best bitter.
Available from the Craft Ale Bar
Rocket Juice5.0% abv CRAFT ALE
Intense, fruity, juicy, uber hoppy (but not bitter) flavour and aroma. Full bodied and smooth, cloudy and delicious.

listers Lister's Brewery
Ford, West Sussex |
Lister's Best3.9% abv BEST
Best Bitter is a traditional English ale in style and because it’s triple hopped has a depth of flavour that’s not often found in beers of this strength. It’s amber in colour with a toffee fruity nose. It’s full flavoured, balanced and moreish.
Lister's APA4.2% abvAPA
An American pale ale, hoppy and bitter.
Lister's Special Ale4.6% abv DARK ALE
Special Ale is a premium bitter. It’s darker and traditional in style. It’s russet brown in colour, has roasted and toasted malted notes on the nose and is smooth, rich and satisfying.
Lister's IPA4.3% abv IPA
Traditional hoppy beer. It is amber in colour and refreshing with restrained bitterness, citrus notes and made for easy drinking.
Westmorland dark mild 3.7% abv RUBY ALE
A traditional northern dark mild reminiscent of the brewer’s Lake District origins. It’s a smooth, refined, easy-drinking beer which remains a firm favourite in many parts of the country.
Listers Tail Wagger 4.1% abv GOLDEN ALE
Brewed specially to mark our association with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, this is a deep ochre pale ale with a satisfying lasting finish. We give 10 pence from every pint of Tail Wagger to Battersea.
Lime House Porter 4.1% abv PORTER
Our popular porter but now available as a smooth satisfying creamflow beer.

The Little Beer Corporation, commercial partner with the GBF Little Beer Corporation
Guildford, Surrey || est. 2012
Little Haka 3.5% abv SESSION ALE
Light-bodied balanced thirst-quenching Bitter, with a lovely passion fruit & gooseberry aroma.
Little Kahuna 3.9% abv APA
Ludicrously easy drinking American pale, that uses Citra dry hops.
Little Vienna5.0% abvCRAFT LAGER
The middle ground between ale and lager. Biscuit flavours; dry-hopped with prized Nelson Sauvin hops. Very sessionable.
Available from the Craft Ale Bar
Running of the Bulls4.5% abv CRAFT WHEAT BEER
A dry wheat beer with the sophisticated citrus tang of Spanish blood oranges

littlelondon Little London Brewery
Basingstoke, Hampshire | littlelondonbrewery | est. 2015
Doreen's Dark3.2% abv PORTER
This ale, also known as 'DD' is treacle coloured with a creamy contrasting head. A velvety smooth superbly quaffable pint at 3.2% ABV. 'DD' is brewed from a combination of chocolate, crystal and black Norfolk malts providing a clean palate with hints of liquorice and freshly ground coffee followed by a dry hoppy finish.
Red Boy 3.7% abv SESSION BEST
A wonderfully light, thirst-quenching session bitter. The flavour is well-balanced, with a delicate hop aroma and subtle malt and hop flavours on the palate. The brewery team at Little London suggest you try it with some cured meat - delicious!
Hoppy Hilda 3.8% abv PALE ALE
A light golden pale ale brewed with Marris Otter barley and crystal malts, generously complimented with fuggle and golding hops.
Night Porter 4.7% abvPORTER
Type 2 2.0% abvLOW VOL. PALE ALE

longdog_150 Longdog Brewery
Basingstoke, Hampshire | | est. 2011
Bunny Chaser 3.6% abvSESSION ALE
This session bitter is a dark copper coloured beer with plenty of malt in the mouth and a good whack of bitterness from traditionally English hops. Thirst quenchingly bitter but light in alcohol, Bunny Chaser makes the perfect quaffing beer.
Golden Poacher 3.9% abvGOLDEN ALE
Golden Poacher is the perfect thirst quencher. Bravo and Gallena hops all the way through, this beer has bags of aroma with crisp citrus coming through in spades. Magnificently hoppy, you'll find yourself swirling and sniffing this beer all the way to the last drop.
Red Runner4.2% abvBEST GOLDEN ALE
This is a perfect mid-strength, mahogany coloured Best Bitter. Soft fruit and citrus flavours and aromas come from American hops, with a firm bitterness following. An easy-drinking, refreshing ale.
Lamplight Porter 5.0% abv PORTER
The multi-award-winning Lamplight Porter is the strongest of our core beers. It's made in the style of the London Porters of the 19th century with plenty of brown malt adding complexity of flavour. Chocolate and coffee flavours come through together with a robust bitterness from English hops. A wonderful ale to savour and enjoy.
Single Hop Special4.5% abv
Light and golden in colour with zesty and bitter taste. A balanced fruitiness with subtle floral aroma. It’s a perfect summer special.

Berkshire, Maidenhead | | est. 2017
A full bodied American amber ale comprising of five different malts and three American hops. Hints of caramel and chocolate are tinged with citrus and berry notes.
The hard rocking full bodied American Pale Ale Bursting with Mosaic hops, which leave a storm of tropical fruits dancing on your palate. This is the first beer brewed in our Brewery and our favourite and as all our products this beer is unfiltered and unpasteurised. Contains yeast.
Vanilla Sky 4.0% abvAMERICAN CREAM ALE
A light and refreshing American style beer, infused with fresh vanilla pods.
Session 3.5% abv IPA
An English and American style IPA bursting with fresh citrus, earthy pine and tropical fruit notes.

 Pilgrim Brewery
Reigate, Surrey | | est. 1982
Progress 4.0% abv BEST
A richly coloured best bitter. Brewed with a blend of European and American hops which compliment the dark malts.
Quest4.3% abvGOLDEN ALE
A nicely rounded golden ale, light on the palette yet full of flavour. A mixture of hops from America, New Zealand and the Czech Republic producing a wonderful modern taste and aroma
Pioneer APA 4.5% abv APA
An American style pale ale, using only Washington State grown hops. The high note, grapefruit classic aroma leaves a clean palette with subtle fresh berry after tones.

Marlow, Bucks | | est. 1993
IPA 3.7% abv IPA
A copper coloured, easy drinking beer. Well balanced malt and hop flavours continue to a long, refreshing and clean finish.
Smuggler4.2% abvAMBER ALE
An amber coloured, special bitter with a distinctive fruity hop character, and lasting bittersweet finish.
Roasted Nuts 4.6% abv RUBY
A deep ruby, complex and flavoursome beer, packed with intense and distinctive malt & hop character.
Blonde 4.3% abv GOLDEN ALE
A light golden Summer beer, with a citrussy hop character. Serve it slightly cooler than usual for an ale, to enhance its refreshing quality.

Winchester, Hampshire | | est. 2014
Prowler 3.6% abv SESSION PALE ALE
Very light straw colour, easy drinking session beer. Quite fruity, using a range of modern hops to give gentle citrus notes. Our bestselling cask beer.
Scratch 4.0% abvGOLDEN ALE
Golden amber in colour with a delicate fruity aroma and hints of ripe apricots. Clean, refreshingly bitter and easy drinking.
Tom Cat 4.7% abv APA
A rich American Pale Ale packed with 6 modern style hops to give a full fruity character and just the right level of crisp refreshing bitterness.
Art of T 3.6% abv EARL GREY PALE ALE
Art of T is a light session pale, dry hopped with Tettnang and Earl Grey Supreme from Char Teas of Winchester. In a background of light fruity hops, it has a very refreshing and gentle touch of bergamot and geranium, with just a hint of tea astringency.

Twickenham, West London | | est. 2014
Opening Gambit 3.5% abv SESSION ALE
Opening Gambit is the flagship session beer of Reunion Ales. It’s the beer we started with and we brew it every week. A lustrous gold in colour Opening Gambit brings mellow hop flavours, biscuit, husky and peel notes and a full hop and malt aroma. Truly sessionable it’s easy to understand why Opening Gambit was shortlisted for the CAMRA 2017 Champion Beer of London Award.
Incredible Pale Ale 5.0% abvIPA
Described by some as “naughty” it takes time and will-power to force this many hops into the Copper. I.P.A. was awarded silver in the January 2017 London Brewery Beer Festival. Dry hopped as it conditions for extra oomph, a beautiful copper-straw colour with a herbaceous and fruity nose. The flavour is intense and lasting.
Beard Tongue 4.5% abv RUBY ALE
Beard tongue pours a deep ruby red. An aroma of dried berries and caramel is the precursor to a complex taste: some will speak of fruits, others mellow toffee with liquorice and coffee notes. The Northdown and English Cascade hops combine marvellously with the stronger, more kilned, malts. Can you perceive the oats?
Talwar 4.5% abv PALE ALE
Talwar is a light, crisp, very pale beer. Subtly infused with freshly ground coriander seeds Talwar is clean cut and refreshing at any time but particularly so during summer. With the appearance of sun-parched straw, the taste is very clean with a zingy, zesty finish; the aroma is resinous and spicy.
Isotonic 4.7% abv PALE ALE
A thirst quenching pale ale brewed with Marris Otter and Carapils malt, generously hopped with US cascade and Simcoe bringing a full hit of fruit and citrus.

thamesside Thames Side Brewery
Staines Upon Thames, Surrey | | est. 2015
White Swan4.2% abv PALE ALE
Hoppy US style pale ale, bursting with Chinook and Columbus hops from Washington State in the Us Northwest, to give it a gorgeous citrus flavour.
Mallard Mild 3.5% abv DARK MILD
Traditional dark mild, sweeter and malty, brewed in the spring in conjunction with CAMRA’s “Make May Mild Month” campaign.
Harrier Bitter3.4% abv SESSION ALE
English bitter, tasty and hoppy using mainly Kent Fuggles and Goldings but dry hopped with Cluster from the US which gives it a punchy flavour to counter the light abv %. It drinks like a stronger beer- a great session ale.
Wryneck Rye5.6% abv IPA
Typically spicy Rye IPA, complemented perfectly by Cascade and Nugget hops in the boil, and dry hopped with Chinook for that classic US West Coast Rye IPA flavour. Despite massive hop additions they do not overpower the flavour, due to the spiciness of the rye and the strength of the beer which melds the flavours together beautifully.

thurstons THURSTONS
Woking, Surrey | | est. 2012
Horsell Gold 3.8% abv GOLDEN ALE
A golden beer with a rounded bitterness, caramel and spice on the palette, and a hoppy aroma. A fine session ale.
Horsell Best 3.8% abv BEST
A balanced, full bodied bitter with a taste that belies its ABV. A popular, very drinkable session ale.
Horsell Invader 4.2% abv AMBER
This beer has been brewed as part of the Wells in Woking celebration to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of H.G. Wells in 1866. This style of beer is known as an AK or AKA an dates back around 150 years so it seemed an appropriate choice. This is an easy drinking amber beer with a late hop finish.

Shere, Surrey | | est. 2011
Falls Gold 4.2% abv GOLDEN ALE
A superb golden ale with a soft fruity nose. A bitter apricot front is followed by more soft fruits and a charming light hoppiness. This was our first regular beer from the Tillingbourne stable and remains our best seller. It was brewed to be light, golden, slightly hopped session ale, with a taste appealing to everyone. It is very easily drunk and complements most meals as its clean taste does not overpower flavours of most dishes.
The Source 3.3% abv GOLDEN
An extremely refreshing light golden ale that tastes well above its ABV thanks to being very dry hopped with plenty of Citra hops. The perfect light ale to quench your thirst. Despite being only 3.3%, it tastes well above its weight and has been labelled “The Drivers Ale”. The second generation of this beer has been dry hopped with even more Citra.
Surrey Sour 4.2% abv CITRA HOP ALE
Our first Kettle Soured Ale which we’ve given a serious Citra Hop overload
Hop Troll 4.8% abv IPA
A full on 7 Hop IPA style monster with a citrusy rich sweetness followed by a powerful Hoppy bitterness – all perfectly balanced and extremely drinkable. Epic! This is our first permanent IPA packed with 7 American Hops.
Dormouse 3.8% abv BEST BITTER
Brewed in conjunction with Surrey Wildlife Trust to help protect the habitat of the Hazelnut Dormice which live in the woods behind the brewery.
This is our smooth easy drinking Traditional English Ale which is chestnut in colour and light on the pallet. The sweetness comes from biscuit and caramel malts balanced with a selection of English Hops.

webrew_100 Windsor & Eton Brewery
Windsor, W. Berkshire | | est. in 2010
Guardsman 4.2% abv BEST
The first new ale brewed in Windsor for more than 80 years and launched on St George’s Day 2010. A classic English Best Bitter, brewed with premium floor malted Maris Otter and traditional whole leaf hops including Fuggles and Goldings. The result is a lovely copper- coloured session strength ale with a tangy taste.
Knight of the Garter 3.8% abv GOLDEN ALE
A straw coloured golden ale, with an initial hint of cut grapefruit zest, giving you a deliciously sharp sherbet finish.
Windsor Knot Royal Ale 4.5% abv PALE ALE
The only royal wedding beer using barley grown locally on the Royal Farms in Windsor. Using a special blend of British hops called Invicta in recognition of Prince Harry's role in creating the Invictus games, with some great American West Coast hops and champagne yeast as a finishing touch.
All Day Pale2.7% abv LOW ALCOHOL PALE ALE
Flavoursome but incredibly low in alcohol, this Blonde beer has a full refreshing modern hop profile, spear-headed by Ekuanot from the Yakima valley giving melon, berry and orange peel aromas and flavours.
Available from the Craft Ale Bar
Eton Rifles IPA5.0% abv CRAFT ALE
Brewed in pale malt grown in Windsor, for a dry character and very light colour. An unusual mix of Kent target hop and zesty equinox, enigma and mosaic gives a big tangy taste and fruity aroma.


Ciders and Perries

HBB_150px Hogsback Brewery
Tongham, Surrey | | est. 1992
Hogs Back Hazy Hog 5.0% abv CLOUDY
Cloudy, gently sparkling and wonderfully appley, this is a cider that combines all that is good in English cider making.

 Bumble Bee Cider
Goring on Thames, Surrey | | est. 1992
Gribble 4.8% abv MED / DRY

 The Garden Cider Company
Chiddingfold, Surrey | website | est. 2010
Blueberry 4.0% abvFRUIT
Elderflower 4.0% abv FRUIT
Plum & Ginger4.0% abvFRUIT
Raspberry & Rhubarb4.0% abvFRUIT
Vintage Dry6.0% abv DRY CIDER
Vintage Medium 6.0% abv MEDIUM CIDER
Wild Strawberry 4.0% abvFRUIT

mrwhiteheadscideheaderMr Whitehead’s Cider
Alton, Hampshire | | est. 2003
Apples & Pears 5.0% abv MEDIUM / SWEET
Blackberry Cider4.0% abv FRUIT / MEDIUM / DRY
Boxing Dog7.5% abv MEDIUM / DRY
Devil Device 8.4% abvSTRONG
Heart of Hampshire6.0% abvDRY
Newton’s Discovery3.5% abv MEDIUM / DRY
Rum Cask7.0% abv MEDIUM
Strawberry Cider5.0% abv FRUIT
Toffee Apple 4.0% abv MEDIUM / SWEET

tuttsclumpciderTutts Clump Cider
Bradfield, W Berkshire | | est. 2006
4.0% abvMEDIUM / SWEET
Jazz5.2% abv MEDIUM / DRY
Mango 4.0% abv MEDIUM / SWEET
Rhubarb 4.0% abv MEDIUM / SWEET
Royal Berkshire 7.0% abv MEDIUM / SWEET
Scrumpy 5.5% abv MEDIUM / DRY
Special Reserve
6.0% abv DRY


 Black down ridge vineyard
Tongham, Surrey |
Red, White, Rosé and Sparkling
In additional to the ales and ciders, this year we are also showcasing Blackdown Ridge Vineyard's range of wines.
Guildford Beer Festival 2016

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