Musicians’ guidelines

Guidelines for musicians auditioning for the GBF

  1. The Guildford Beer Festival (GBF) runs from 18.00-22.00 on Friday 7 June and 12.00-16.00 and 18.00-22.00 on Saturday 8 June. You must be available to play for both sessions. Final slots will be confirmed nearer the event.
  2. Regarding equipment for audition nights and GBF, please contact Tom Worrall at with any tech questions and queries.
  3. Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to set up.
  4. You have one hour in which to perform/set up/down equipment.
  5. Soundchecks can be arranged prior to the opening of each session – liaise with Tom.
  6. Please perform with the band members you auditioned with.
  7. All artists must be 18, or over, at the time they perform at GBF.
  8. Due to the local nature of our event, we encourage a nominated band member themselves to deal directly with GBF rather than an agent.
  9. You will receive written confirmation by post so please provide a suitable address and acknowledge receipt of letter.
  10. All bands/artists will receive some complimentary tickets by post, beer tokens and expenses on the session you perform and a small write up in the GBF programme; all amounts will be confirmed prior to GBF.
  11. You can advertise and sell merchandise during your session

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